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This e-book contains The Mystery of the Disappearing Dogs in its entirety plus other helpful notes for parents and teachers

Fun Extras for Your Child

Visit our kids’ page to find downloadable puzzles for each book in the series plus behind-the-scenes stories about the Mystery Ryders.

And A Message to Parents about Our Content

As soon as our daughter learned to read on her own, she began devouring books. Of course my wife and I were delighted, but we quickly discovered that not all children’s books are created equal. We found that some of the most highly acclaimed, award-winning titles contained stories that were, in our opinion, too serious, too grown-up, too bizarre, or too depressing for a precocious young reader.

While scouring the shelves in search of books that would entertain our daughter without tears or terror, our family discovered that, when it comes to kids’ fiction, a good series is hard to find.

As we created the Mystery Ryders series, we kept all of this in mind and took it to heart. So here’s our promise to you:

Mystery Ryders books will entertain your children without resorting to the traumatic, the satanic, or the dystopic. In our series, no characters will be kidnapped, killed, or maimed. Our main protagonists, May and Hut Ryder, will be honest, respectful, and responsible. In short, we’ll do our best to write fun-to-read, easy-to-finish stories without scaring or scarring your child.

We just thought you’d want to know.

Best wishes and happy reading,

Criswell Freeman